See things from different perspectives

Can you guess which famous building this is?

You probably won’t guess it if you’re not that busy about details. Most tourists when traveling often look on what was obvious, known or familiar. But seeing things from different angles makes it more interesting and actually gives you more understanding. Like the amazing details and the story behind it.

Here’s a photo of the entrance. As you can see, the tourist are flocked right in front of this building standing in line to get a glimpse inside this famous cathedral or just simply taking pictures.

Paris 166

Paris 169You probably know which famous building it is by now. It was one of the very first Gothic cathedrals built in the 12th-century and considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture.


Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Paris 132 - Kopi

Travel tip: Summer is the busiest time to visit Paris. There’s tourists everywhere, literally everywhere! So if you want to avoid massive tourists to completely enjoy your Paris vacation, I suggest you pick another season. Spring or autumn could be the perfect season for you to visit.

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