What does it really take to get that picture perfect?

If you want the best background or view and the best angle to your outdoor photos, if you want the perfect picture… It isn’t always gonna be glamorous and easy! You gonna have to climb a mountain and hike for many hours back and fort! Exhausted, sweaty, thirsty and dirty. Yes! Dirty.

Bilde 09.08.2015, 11.46.34My boyfriend is the most “patient” photographer of mine. Since he’s mostly the one I travel and hike with. So basically, he didn’t have much of a choice but to be patient taking pictures of me 😛

This spot has one of the best hiking view to Trolltunga. 

Bilde 12.03.2016, 03.07.36Climbing this huge piece of rock was easy but it turns out that going down wasn’t that easy. BTW, what’s on the other side of this rock is a cliff! Okay, so I really wanted to take a photo up on this rock! It made feel like I was on top of the world! Well actually, I was! Until I fell right straight with both my hands into the mud on my way down! XD

It was totally worth it though! 😉

There was a lot of mud experience on this hike especially at night on our way back. Where you don’t even recognise anymore the difference between rocks and mud with your tiny flashlight.

Hiking tips: If you’re planning a day tour to Trolltunga, I don’t recommend hiking back when it’s dark. Since Trolltunga is a very popular attraction, you have to come as early as you can to get a parking space and be able to come back to the base before sunset. The terrains are very stiff and slippery, it could lead to accident if you’re not careful or experienced hiker. Make sure you get to come back to the base right before the sun down. Transportation could be difficult as well after 11pm if you didn’t get a parking space at the base, it’s 7km until the nearest parking area. You can either choose to walk or call a taxi from the town to pick you up. 

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