Sometimes all you need is spa

Bilde 23.02.2016, 00.30.50

I was at Son spa with my sis and my niece this winter holiday.

The view in our room was perfect. Quiet and relaxing! It’s actually winter here in Norway, but since it didn’t snow so much this season, it looks more autumn outside.Bilde 23.02.2016, 00.33.45

Bilde 25.02.2016, 20.06.26

My niece enjoying her swim and me enjoying my thermal bath 😀

Bilde 25.02.2016, 19.58.55

This small thermal pool was probably my favourite aside from the outdoor jacuzzi! It was perfect to soak in after an infrared sauna.

Bilde 25.02.2016, 19.38.22Excuse my short fat legs XD

If you’re in Norway and wants to go for a spa weekend or just a spa get away away from the city, I recommend this spa. It’s about 40 mins drive outside Oslo.

You’ll find all the information you need here:



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