Fairytales do come true

Palácio da PenaIMG_4546

I fell in love with this beautiful town of Sintra in Portugal and its castles. I mean, who wouldn’t? The palace itself was stunning, plus the location and the view was incredible! On the picture, I was standing on one of the balconies of Palácio da Pena. This is the highest peak of the Serra de Sintra and used to be the kings’ favourite summer retreat back in the 19th-century. Pena Palace makes you feel like you are in a fairytale. It gives you that kind of majestic feeling!

IMG_0421From the castle you will see the battlements of the Castelo dos Mouros perched on the slopes of the Serra

IMG_0358Look how beautifully tiled this place was. One of the things I like about Portugal are the tiles they use to decorate the exterior of their homes or buildings and especially in this castle. It’s amazing!

IMG_0365I consider myself a minimalist, but I love the different colours and details about old, historical buildings like this.

IMG_0340Inside the hall of Pena palace you’ll find this four lifesize turbaned torch-bearers holding giant candelabra. I just call it chandelier 🙂


Downtown SintraIMG_0433

There’s one more castle I visited with my boyfriend which I think has a very simple and humble design, Sintra’s National Palace. Although it looks simple and humble, this castle has a very unique feature that will really grab your attention! It has 2 huge conical chimneys. They look like giant milk bottles 😛


Palácio Nacional de Sintra

IMG_0068At the front yard of Sintra’s National Palace. It looks very humble compared to Pena Palace, but inside this palace you will see a consolidation of different styles according to my travel book. (I don’t have pictures of the inside to show you guys since I didn’t go inside)


My fairytale did not end in Sintra since I had my prince with me to Lisbon and back home to Norway. It was a short, but sweet experience! We took a day tour to Sintra, but if we had the chance, we would’ve explored it for atleast 2-3 days. There are just so much more to see and experience in this town. Unfortunately, we didn’t had the time to visit Quinta da Regaleira which is located nearby Sintra to see the inverted towers/initiation well due to our limited time. Well, that’s on our list until next time!  😉


Travel tips: If you’re staying in Lisbon and planning a day trip to Sintra and want to experience this place to its fullest, you should take an early train from Rossio railway station. It’s about 40 mins from Rossio (Lisboa) to Sintra. I would prefer a 2-3 days stay which would be the perfect amount of time to really enjoy this town. Regarding transportation, you can either choose to take the bus or hike to Pena Palace if you have the luxury of time. And don’t forget to take a moment to sit on a café with a cup of coffee or restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine before leaving Sintra.

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