Iceland’s Top Waterfalls

Iceland probably has the most incredible and unpredictable nature in the world. It is in constant change because of its climate and environment. The perfect combination; snow and lava – therefore it is known as the land of fire and ice. This land has truly captivated my heart. From its hot springs and geysers to its glaciers, active volcanoes, cute puffins and sagas. It also has some of the most beautiful, breathtaking waterfalls in the world.



Bilde 26.03.2016, 22.09.40

Gullfoss is probably the most popular waterfall in Iceland. It looks a bit creepy, but that’s what makes it awesome! Located in the canyon of Hvítá river in southwest Iceland.

IMG_4761A little tourist pictures with my “half-viking”. I like calling him viking since he’s half Norwegian(and half Bulgarian). XD

IMG_0907.JPGI’ll never find a better travel buddy than this one right here! Jeg elsker  deg ❤



Bilde 01.02.2016, 14.31.43.jpgThe most beautiful waterfall I’ve seen so far. You’ll find Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss in the South.

A blurry picture of mine due to drizzle coming from the waterfall.



SeljalandsfossIMG_1298.JPGThe moon was shining above Seljalandsfoss that night. Even though we didn’t have the chance to walk behind the waterfall due to the snow being very slippery during winter, it was satisfying enough watching this beauty by night. The light and moon shining on it was just perfect! Summer is actually the perfect season to visit Seljalandsfoss. We’ve been planning on going back to Iceland in the summertime for some hiking adventures and to also get the chance to see puffins.

That’s top three waterfalls for now! Happy Easter! 🙂



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