Gratitude . Jerusalem

Overlooking Jerusalem’s old city from the Mount of Olives


I knew in my heart that if I ever come back to Jerusalem, that will be the day I’ll give my gratitude to this very special place. And I did.

Since the exams period started last spring semester, I barely had the time to post anything on my blog or Instagram. But this journey of mine to Jerusalem was so special that I have to share it with you guys! 🙂

In spring 2015, I was in Jerusalem and visited the famous Western Wall. I was handed a piece of paper to write some wishes to be placed into the cracks of the wall. It sounded kinda silly, yeah! But I thought to myself, why not? So I wrote a few wishes and left the note in one of the cracks.


IMG_1581Old city of Jerusalem

IMG_1573Old Cemetery at the Mount of Olives

That day made me believe not in a certain religion, ‘cause it don’t matter what you believe in. What’s important is that you believe! Because when you believe… Anything is possible!

A year later, summer of 2016, coming back to Israel was the perfect timing to pay a visit and give my gratitude to this very special place. What I learned from that day when I left that note by the wall is to have faith! To believe that anything is possible if you ask for it and if you truly believe it! Because what I wrote on that piece of paper a year ago did happen. I’ll keep the details to myself. ❤


IMG_1732A year later, I still apparently didn’t have enough clothes to cover me up for the holy place… so they got me covered. 😛


Although my wishes came true, they didn’t happen by wishful thinking or hoping… they did happen because I believed that I CAN, and it could happen if you put an effort and work hard for it.


IMG_1788The Western Wall


I asked an old man if he noticed the difference between men and women praying on the Western Wall.

And he replied: “Yeah, that’s because women need more.” And I couldn’t agree more! XD

IMG_1722My man walking around the Old City of Jerusalem

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